Adjustable Reflectors – Are They Worth It?

grow light reflector guide

Adjustable reflectors have been around for years now and are used by a lot of growers, however, are they actually as good as people say they are? In todays blog we find out.

Adjustable reflectors first come to the market in the 2010s and quickly became a market favourite due to their ability to focus a bulbs light more efficiently than the old school Euro reflector. Available in either a 230v single ended bulb variation or a double ended 400v version the adjustable reflector also came in two sizes, large or extra large. This meant it could be used in either a grow tent or room.

To set up the reflector, users simply had to connect the reflectors super reflective wings to the bulb fixture. Then all users has to do was connect the wiring and they were then able to adjust the tension of said cables which in turn adjusted the angle of the reflectors wings.  This feature allowed users to mimic the light intensity of seasons as seen in the image below.


adjustable grow light reflector mimicking growing seasons

In summary, the adjustable reflector gives growers far more options which is incredibly useful when you are struggling for space in your grow room or you want to control your growing environment more. They are best used in 1m x 1.5m sized rooms, placed around 200cm higher than your plant canopy. You’ll notice fantastic results almost immediately!


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