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Air Cooled Lighting – The Perfect Choice For Summer

Air Cooled Lighting

Choosing the right lighting for your grow room can be difficult, there are so many options available on the market. During the warmer summer months, it can be quite hard to balance the temperature in your grow room. Therefore, air-cooled lights are a great choice for managing grow room temperatures.

Air Cooled lights will help to remove up to 50% of the heat coming from your lamps. These fantastic reflectors use a glass bottom to create an airtight tunnel. The cool air is then passed through the tunnel to remove the excess heat. Therefore preventing hotspots from occurring. Furthermore, it’ll cool the reflector as well as reducing the temperature in the room. Plus its ten times easier to do it at this point, then install more expensive equipment to do the job.

Don’t forget you can also lower lamps slightly without burning your plants. Moving them even the slightest part closer can make the world of difference. You’ll need to find that perfect placement, where your plants receive the perfect intensity without burning. Although this is where air-cooled lighting really stands out from the crowd. With air cooled lighting your plants can be placed a little closer to the lights without the worry of burning. Plus, they’re also great for maximising grow room space. We think they’re perfect for smaller grow tents as they’ll provide a good alternative to bigger ventilation products.

When set up perfectly, they will provide a massive advantage to your grow room. You’ll need to make sure the input air gets drawn from outside your grow room.

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