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Controlling Unpleasant Odours

Controlling Odours

Whilst many growers enjoy using hydroponic systems purely because of the organic, healthier and better-tasting food. There is the issue of the unpleasant smells you have to deal with.

For professional growers, this isn’t as much of an issue. However, this is much more of an issue for those of you growing at home. You’ll be pleased to know there’s a few steps you can take to ensure your grow room doesn’t smell terrible.


Cut Down On Organics

Start by limiting the number of organic materials in the system, avoid using organic material in your nutrient solution or growing medium. This is because they carry an awful lot of odour-causing bacteria. Try swapping organic mediums like coconut fibre for clay or perlite. Also, remember to keep your hydroponics system reservoir completely clean and in a dark place to stop direct sunlight from affecting the nutrient solution.


Consider A Carbon Filter

You may also want to consider setting up a Carbon Filter. They are an easy and ever so popular way to remove odours from your grow room. Likewise, they also help to clean out your hydroponics system and encourage a release of odourless air. Plus, Carbon Filters require very little maintenance to function properly.



Oxygenating Your Solution

It is also important that you keep your nutrient solution well oxygenated, you can do this by purchasing an air pump. Use this regularly, alongside an airstone, to add additional oxygen to your nutrient solution. The size of the pump you need will vary depending on the size of your hydroponics system.

Round Grey Airstone with surround – 4″/6″

£7.50 – £12.50


Replacing Your Nutrient Solution & Flushing

Finally, it is crucial that you replace your nutrient solution and flush your system on a regular basis. At least every other week, you should replace your nutrient solution to ensure that your system remains clean and free of blockages. Make sure you pump all of the old nutrient solution into a bucket until the pump can old draw in air. Then you’ll need to add sterile, pH balanced water and run it through the system again.

Remove all dead leaves, stems and any plant foliage, then ensure the entire area is clean and flushed through. Find out more about Flushing and why it’s important here.


Scent Masking & Ozone Generators

Scent Masking involves covering the smell with another scent to neutralise it. Zerum is fantastic for this, it’s available in a number of scents and is designed to release its own smell to cover the smell your plants are releasing. Whereas Ozone Generators combine ozone with the exhaust air which neutralises the smell.

Zerum – Available in various sizes

£10.00 – £24.00

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