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The Gardeners Black Friday Wish List


It’s that time of year again. Whether you’re treating yourself this Cyber Monday, or shopping for Christmas gifts, we’ve created the indoor gardeners Black Friday wish list so you can create your shopping list now and be organised for the big event.

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Carbon Filters

When growing plants indoors, it’s certain to cause some unwanted odours. A carbon filter will remove any offending odours by removing the particles and dirt which your plants create.

Made from aluminium, these carbon filters are extremely lightweight, yet robust. To increase their efficiency, they contain Australian activated carbon, which is largely regarded as the best in the world.

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Large and Medium Propagators

These propagators are ideal for nurturing your cuttings to achieve the best growth. Constructed from strong plastic, both sizes come with a clear plastic lid. To remove humidity, the medium propagator features two adjustable ventilation holes in the lid whilst the larger has four.

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Oil Heaters

These heaters have been designed to maximise heat output whilst not taking up too much space, so you can efficiently heat a room of any size.

The fins allow for heat to be evenly distributed, and an auto cut off feature stops the heater causing damage if a malfunction were to occur. The 2500w version features a timer dial so you can set it to turn on and off at specific times.

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Fan Heaters

Maintain an optimum temperature for plant growth all year-round. This heater is particularly beneficial during the lights off period in the colder, darker months.

The heater is ulta-quiet to run, lightweight, portable, and quickly heats up any dry room in the home. It features a temperature range of 0-85 ̊ C, three settings, and a safety cut off.

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Inline Fans

Inline fans are designed to circulate the air within a grow room to provide plants with an optimal environment which allows them to produce large, healthy yields. The fan can circulate large volumes of air whilst producing little to no noise.

The fan connects to the grow rooms environmental control system and when connected to an acoustic ducting, it can significantly reduce noise by a further 25%.

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LED Grow Light Panel 1000w

Provides plants with the full spectrum of light needed to grow from seedling to a healthy, flowering plant. The grow light panel means that multiple lights can be linked together in a daisy chain effect, meaning users can have multiple lights all working in synchronisation. This leads to a better lighting environment for your plants.

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Gardening Scissors

A must have accessory for any growers toolkit especially when it comes to harvesting your plants.

Available with a straight or curved blade, these easy snip scissors are designed for comfort and ease of use. Crafted from durable stainless steel, they are resistant to resin and sap corrosion. The razor-sharp, high quality blades stay sharper for longer, and they can be used on both soft and hard stems. The ultra-light weight means less stress to your hands when cutting.

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Collapsible Plant Support

These cages are designed to support the heaviest of branches. It protects tall stems from excessive leaning, and keeps heavy buds and flowers in an upright position.

The plastic coating prevents plant damage, and their durability means they can be re-used again and again.

They’re easy to use too, just unfold, place your growing medium inside and adjust the support rings to suit your plant.

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Use the gardeners Black Friday wish list to get organised and save time when you shop our Cyber Monday deals.

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