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Grow On Through Winter

With winter heading our way, you might be thinking about how you can keep growing vegetables through the colder months.

Even if it is freezing outside, you can still grow all your favourite vegetables without stepping foot outdoors, by bringing your plants into the comfort of your home.

However, before bringing your veggies indoors, it’s important to note that there are potential problems your plants may run into including lack of sufficient light, and the air from heaters being too dry. Therefore, you will need to keep a close eye on lighting, temperature, and nutrients to make sure they thrive in their indoor environment.

So, you may be wondering what is the best way to grow vegetables indoors in winter?

Grow on

You can be in control of all aspects of your plants’ growing environment with a little help from a grow tent. Ultimately you control the temperature, amount and duration of the light, and the air circulation.

A grow tent can also protect your yield from pests and mischievous household pets. As long as you keep your tent tightly zipped closed when you’re not tending to your plants, there can be no unwanted intruders.

The grow tent is designed to provide better lighting. Because of the enclosed space, you can ensure that the light is shining directly where you need it to be so you won’t get unwanted light on your plants.

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint at the same time as growing your own, then a grow tent could be the way forward. They are extremely energy efficient because everything you need is in an enclosed space which is no larger than needed, meaning there’s no wasting heat, light, or air.

They also come in a variety of sizes to fit almost every space. Everything is neatly contained ensuring your garden isn’t going to take over your indoor living space.

Pot on

It’s also important to remember to choose the proper pots for your plants. They should be big enough for the size of the adult plant and have adequate drainage.

Talking about drainage, indoor gardens need regular watering. Keep the soil moist, don’t allow it to become too dry. Irregular watering can give vegetables a bitter taste.

Don’t forget your growing media

If you’re new to growing vegetables, soil is perfect for beginners as it already contains nutrients and beneficial microbes.

There is also the option of using Coco. Made with the outer husk, and inner of the coconut, it’s 100% natural, however, nutrients have to be added as Coco contains little nutrients or beneficial microbes.

If you want better results than soil, and feel confident moving away from Coco, you could think about using a Hydroponic system.

Hydroponics is the process of growing vegetables in water without the use of soil. The roots are submerged in a water-based nutrient solution whilst the upper part is supported above the water level.

Winter doesn’t have to mean you can’t continue to enjoy growing your own produce.

With a little bit of space and the right equipment, you can enjoy growing your favourite veggies well into spring.

If you’re ready to get your indoor grow on then check out our range of Grow Tent starter kits.

If you’re unsure which grow kit is right for you then get in touch with the team at Gardeners Corner.

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