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How To Reduce Energy In Your Grow Room

How To Reduce Energy In Your Grow Room

For many indoor plant growers, the cost of a professional indoor grow room can be one of the biggest elements holding you back. That’s why we’ve come up with a few tips on how you can reduce energy and save money on your grow room expenses.

It’s important for beginner plant growers to start by making a good investment in quality equipment. Otherwise, you’ll end up having to replace pieces of equipment sooner rather than later. We suggest that you invest in energy efficient equipment or insulation, which will cost more upfront. However, it will end up a more cost-effective in the long run. Make sure you stay up to date with all maintenance and change your bulbs on a regular basis. An old lamp will use the same amount of electricity as a newer bulb but may not put out as much light. Therefore, we recommend replacing old bulbs and reflectors. Reflectors will begin to get quite dirty over time. So it’s important that you clean them when they’re dirty so that they work at their full potential!


You may also want to invest in LED Lighting. Studies have shown that LED’s can reduce energy consumption by up to 70%. Likewise, they also require much less electricity to operate than HPS bulbs. An LED light will generate little to no heat, which reduces the need for cooling systems. Furthermore, LED’s will produce the specific light spectrum plants needs, therefore driving photosynthesis and enhancing growth!


Another way of reducing costs in your grow room is to try running your equipment at a lower setting so it doesn’t have to continually struggle at full power. You can also use EC fans which are unbelievably cheap to run and use less power to move air than AC fans. This is because they’ll use significantly less power at slower speeds. Therefore, your savings will be so big, that you will easily make money back within a year. Likewise, you may also find that investing in a controller to control your ventilation system will help to lower running costs. Furthermore, you definitely don’t want all your grow room equipment running at full all the time. You’ll use more power than you really need to and even end up completely overdoing things. As a result, a controller will help to control the levels of ventilation in your grow room, giving you one easy to use system. Plus it’ll ensure everything is in sync too!

We have a fantastic range of products available which will help you save money and energy. It’s honestly amazing what a difference a couple of changes can make, creating the best environment will bring killer yields in the future.

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