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How To Reduce Humidity In Your Grow Room

As the heat rises, so does the risk of high humidity. In this weeks blog post we’re going to give you hints and tips on the best ways to reduce humidity in your grow room.

Before we delve into the ways to reduce humidity, lets start off with a little science lesson.

Humidity is the water vapor found in the air. Meanwhile, relative humidity is the ratio of the current absolute humidity to the highest possible absolute humidity. Basically, relative humidity is the air that is completely saturated with water vapor and cannot hold it any longer.

Heat causes the water to move faster within the air which results in higher humidity.

Now we’ve got the technical jargon out of the way, lets get down to best ways to reduce humidity in a grow room.


  • Use A Dehumidifier Inside Your Grow Room

This one night seem the simplest way to reduce humidity but it can also be the most expensive way. Simply purchase yourself a Dehumidifier, set it up in the middle of your tent and set up the automatic shut off feature (if your dehumidifier has one). If your dehumidifier doesn’t have a automatic shut off feature you can also connect it to a timer and monitor which will do the same job.


  • Improve Ventilation In Your Grow Room

Improving ventilation within your grow room is probably the easiest way to reduce humidity. To do this you can either just introduce more exhaust fans or increase the speed of your existing extraction system.

To further improve the ventilation, use an atmospheric controller with a humidity setting that will automatically control the fans speed to suit your grow rooms needs.


  • Consider Defoliating Your Plants

Another budget friendly way of reducing humidity levels is defoliating your plants. If your plants have big leaves try cutting them back a bit as this can help bring down humidity levels.


  • Buy An Air Conditioner

As we all know, air conditioners produce cold air which as we’ve previously spoken about will reduce humidity. However, as most AC units tend to run for brief periods they can create an unstable environment within your grow room. Furthermore, smaller AC units can in fact produce heat which can raise temperatures.


Whatever you buy to control the humidity on your grow room, you need to choose something that’s suited to your needs. If you need help deciding, just email us on or chat to us via our Live chat as one of our team will be at hand.


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