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How To Save Energy In Your Grow Room

As we all know energy prices are skyrocketing which is not only bad news for day-to-day life but also for indoor gardening. In todays blog, we explain how you can cut running costs without sacrificing the end result.

  • Switch To LED Lights

Probably the most simplest way of saving money is to switch your lights to LEDs. LED lights are easily the cheapest to run as they use on average 9.6kWh per day which works out at £2.69 per day compared to a digital 600w grow light light that cost £2.83 to run.

  • Use An EC Fan

EC Fans are the future of grow room extraction fans as they’re extremely cheap to run. Savings are so big, you make back the cost of the fan within a year.

Traditional RVK fans always run at full power regardless of what speed they’re running at. EC fans use significantly less power to run, for example, when set at 1% speed they only use 1% power.

cyclone ec fan

  • Use A Controller

As you might know, you don’t want your growing equipment running at the same time as this can not only damaged your plants but can increase running costs as multiple pieces of equipment will be needed to counteract each other. It’s best to connect you main pieces of equipment to a controller which can be used to control all your equipment at the same time. This not only saves energy but also save the user time.

  • Run Your Lights At Night

This might seem a strange thing to do but running you lights at night time actually saves you money. The reason behind this is that night time electricity tariffs are lower than daytime tariffs so you should pay less per watt. As an added bonus, it’s colder at night. This means your fans do not have to work as hard to control temperatures in your grow room.

house night time


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