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How To Set Up A Grow Light

How to set up a grow light

In this guide we talk about how to set up a Grow Light within your growing environment.

First things first, make sure that the wattage of your chosen ballast matches the wattage of the bulb you’re using as having the incorrect wattage can increase the risk of causing a fire or equipment damage.


elite dimmable ballast and dual spectrum bulb


As a safety precaution, never have an electrical current going to your reflector when installing a bulb as this will prevent any accidents.


Next, screw your bulb into the fitting of your reflector, making sure it is as tight as possible by gripping the bulb with a clean, dry piece of fabric to avoid leaving any fingerprints.


how to screw in a grow light bulb


If the bulb is not tight enough, arcing can occur which can cause serious damage to the bulb, making it unusable.  Always make sure the bulb is screwed in correctly and isn’t loose or ‘wobbly’.

hps bulb screwed into reflector


Once you’ve securely put your grow light in the correct position within your growing area and connected the reflector cable to your ballast, you’re ok to turn on the power.

grow light reflector in grow tent


Top Tip: As the bulb can get extremely hot, make sure there is nothing touching it as this can cause a fire. Furthermore, when administering feeds or pesticides, make sure the power is switched off as any liquid that hits the bulb can cause failure or even an explosion!

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