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How To Take Cuttings – Plant Growing Tips & Tricks

Taking plant cuttings is a form of plant propagation where a section of a mother plant is taken and placed in a new environment in order to grow again as an independent plant. There are however a few factors which can affect the quality of your cutting and how good of a chance it has for growing again.

Taking cuttings is a great way to produce more plants. You’ll give your plants another chance to duplicate. Which if done properly, you’ll be able to create another plant completely free of charge! When taking a cutting you should ensure that the plant is at least 2 months old and currently in the vegetative stage. We recommend watering the plant first. Start by taking a cutting from the top of the plant. This is where there are far more growth hormones. Trim at least 3 inches with a couple of sets of leaves. You may want to take more cuttings than you really need to improve their chances of survival.


You can also apply some rooting hormone to help give your cutting the best start possible. Pour some rooting gel or powder into a small container and dip the cutting into it. Then place the cutting into your chosen rooting medium. We recommend using small rockwool cubes as they’re the perfect size and designed for the job! Likewise, these cubes can be pre-soaked with a nutrient solution to help further improve growth too. Make sure the growing medium is adequately moist, especially not too soggy! It is important to create an environment where the humidity levels are correct too. You should make sure the humidity levels are around 70% and propagator vents should be closed, only slightly opening them every so often.


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