600w Grow Tent Kit

600w Grow Tent Kit

600w Grow Tent Kit


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Packed with everything you need to start growing plants indoors, our Complete Grow Kits also enables gardeners to save time and money by bundling products together.



Huge value for money – lowest priced grow tent kit on the Internet

  • Contains everything you need to grow plants indoors
  • The ultimate grow kit
  • High-quality components
  • Designed to grow soil based plants


‘Get Growing’ With Our Value For Money 600w Grow Tent Kit

Packed with high-quality branded components, our Get Growing 600w Starter Packages contain everything you need to start growing plants indoors, and is one of the lowest priced Grow Tent Kits on the market today.


What’s Included Within The Get Growing 600w Grow Tent Kit?

All the equipment you need to effectively grow plants indoors is contained within our Get Growing 600w Starter Package. This includes a Green Box Grow Tent, a 600w LumenLite Magnetic Ballast Lighting Kit, a 6″ Fox Filter Kit and a set of 12 Litre Fabric Pots. We’ve also included two heavy duty rope ratchets so you can easily hang the provided grow light and also a heavy duty LumenLite timer. This means you can make your light turn and off at a time to suit your plant’s needs.

Unlike our competitors, when we say our kits contain everything you need to grow plants indoor, we mean exactly that. That is why when you buy our Get Growing 600w Starter Package, we also include a bag of soil, a Dutchpro Starter Kit and also a bottle of VitaLink pH down, just incase your pH levels are too high.

If you bought all these products separately, it would cost you £338.25. This means that when you buy our Get Growing 600w Starter Package, you save £100!


How To Use The Get Growing 600w Grow Tent Kit

When you first receive your 600w complete grow kit, even the most seasoned indoor grower might feel a bit overwhelmed with how many components are in front of you. With this in mind, we have created a brief overview on how best to use our 600w complete grow kit.


First Things First:

One of the first things you should do once you’ve received your complete grow kit is put the grow tent into the room which it is to be used. This might seem like a simple step but it’s worth noting that once the grow tent is up, it won’t fit through a standard sized door frame.

Installing Your Extraction System:

Next, grab all the components from the 6″ Fox Filter Kit and start putting together your extraction system together. To achieve this, connect the fan to the carbon filter with around 8 inches of your aluminium ducting, making sure to connect duct clips at either end. Once you’ve done this, connect the rest of your aluminium ducting to the other side of the duct fan with your last duct clip. Always make sure that the direction of the airflow goes from the carbon filter to the longest length of ducting. You can achieve this by looking at the arrow on the base of the fan. Once you’ve done this, connect the mains cable into the fan and hang the extraction system at the top of the grow tent. Make sure the fans power lead exits the tent via one of the vent holes and ensure the extraction system is secure. Finally, feed the ducting out of one of the large tent outtake holes and connect it to your ventilation outlet.

Setting Up Your Lighting:

Using the provided light-weight rope ratchets, hang the Euro Wing Reflector in the centre of your grow tent. Next, screw the bulb into the reflectors bulb-holder, ensuring it’s free from dust and fingerprints. Run the reflector lead through one of the vent holes at the back of the tent and plug it into the magnetic ballast. Next plug the mains lead, which is connected to the ballast, into the heavy duty timer switch and set the on and off times to times which best suit your growing needs. Finally, plug the timer switch into the mains outlet, turn it on and your tent is ready to start growing plants.

How Best To Start Growing Your Plants:

Once you’ve set up your top of the range grow tent, you can now get to the good part which is growing your plants. Place however many fabric pots you want into the grow tent and fill with the soil provided. Plant your seedlings or cuttings and use the supplied Dutchpro nutrients to aid your plant through its growth cycles. This will subsequently help improve your plants health, final yield size and will improve your overall growing experience.

Get Growing 600w Starter Package Contents


Upgrade your Ballast to the Lumii Black Digital Ballast and gain >10% yield

Magnetic ballasts have been used for years to control the electrical currents delivered to lights. However, Digital ballasts are lighter, quieter, smaller and produce significantly less heat. Furthermore, they are more efficient and will pay for themselves in a very short time as digital ballasts provide greater control over how much electricity is delivered. During hot days you can adjust the wattage of the light, reducing the heat in your grow room, during the final few weeks of flowering your plants we recommend using the overdrive feature providing 10% more light to really ripen your fruits and increase final yield.

Save over 30% compared to purchasing each component individually.



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