LUNAR 600W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

LUNAR 600W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light


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This full spectrum LUNAR 600w LED Grow Light is perfect for hydroponics, vegetable and flowering. It’s an easy to install, energy saving alternative to far more expensive light kits available on the market.

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An Indoor LED Grow Light For Flowering, Vegetation & Hydroponic Systems

  • Encourages healthy, vibrant and beautiful plant growth
  • Stronger than most LED grow lights on the market
  • Uses less power – far more energy efficient than HPS or MH lamps
  • Emits hardly any hear – keeping your grow room cool

The 600w LED Grow Lights are made up entirely of LED lights, offering a full spectrum. They’re perfect for both vegetation and flowering and stronger than most LED grow light bulbs on the market.


What is the LUNAR 600w LED Grow Light used for?

These LED grow lights help your plants to grow all year long. They are perfect for flowering, vegetation and hydroponic systems. This bulb is strikingly equal to the sun and the LED lighting enables your plants to grow exceptionally well. The grow light bulb itself consists entirely of LED’s. Therefore, when rotating your plants around, they start growing towards the incredible light. Its full spectrum light output encourages further photosynthesis. Whilst the cool running temperature ensures your plants do not burn under the light. These lights are even superior to CFL grow light bulbs. They’ll help to encourage healthy and happy growth in next to no time.

Furthermore, its full spectrum consists of Infra-red light, blue light, red light and UV light. The Infra-red helps to improve growth, whilst the blue light increases the overall rate of photosynthesis. The additional red light promotes better blossoming and the UV light helps to prevent excessive growth and disease.


Where can you use the LUNAR 600w LED Grow Light?

These lights are specifically made for grow rooms from 1 – 3 metres squared. The lighting area and height may vary according to your plants and the growing environment. However, you should hang the light at least 0.8-1m to prevent burning any seedlings.  These lights are also ideal for all phases of plant growth.


How to use the LUNAR 600w LED Grow Light                                     

This light comes with a handy hanging kit and plug to make fitting a straightforward task. During the early vegetative stage, you’ll want to position the light around 300mm above plants. Then during the vegetative stage, you can raise this to 600mm and during flowering you’ll want to keep the height at around 400mm. Normally plants grown under LED grow lights require only 30% of feeding in comparison to HPS lighting. In hydroponic systems, the nutrient reservoir will require less topping up.


600w LUNAR LED Grow Light Specifications

  • Wattage: 600 watt
  • Dimensions: 310x210x45mm
  • Light Spectrum: Red 620-630 nm; 450 nm blue; Warm white: 3000K; White: 6000k; UV:380nm; IR:730nm

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