Double Ended Grow Light Kit 1000w 400v

Double Ended Grow Light Kit

Double Ended Grow Light Kit 1000w 400v

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£179.00 £149.99

The brand new 1000w 400v double ended light kit provides users with the ideal equipment to create an effective lighting environment for their plants.


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Grow Light Kit With 1000w Dimmable Digital Ballast, Double Ended Dual Spectrum HPS Bulb and a Double Ended Reflector

Included in the Double Ended Grow Light Kit

1 x 1000w 400v Digital Dimmable Ballast

  • The 1000w Dimmable Digital Ballast is by far one of the best selling ballasts on the market today, featuring dimming options of 400w, 600w, 1000w and a super lumen setting of 1150w. This Dimmable Ballast allows gardeners to take complete control over their grow tents lighting environment. Plus it comes with a 1-meter mains lead with flying IEC lead for safety and can be easily mounted on walls. CE certified and guaranteed.

1 x 1000w Double Ended HPS bulb

  • The 1000w Double Ended HPS Bulbs offer superior output and a vastly improved life over alternative lamps of its kind. This lamp is often the choice of professionals when using 1000w/400v double ended grow light fixtures. Likewise, they are far more efficient than standard HPS lamps, turning more of your electricity into light.

1 x Double Ended Euro Reflector

  • The Double Ended Euro Reflector is the most simple and economical way of using Double Ended Bulbs. Perfect for housing double ended (DE) bulbs, it offers exceptional diffusion levels. It comes with a branded top plate and V-shaped hangers which makes it easier to attach your rope ratchets or hangers. The cord is also fully shielded, eliminating the chances of interference with radio or broadband equipment.

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