Elite Dual Spectrum Bulb – 600w

Elite 600w Grow Light Bulb

Elite Dual Spectrum Bulb – 600w


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Elite Lightings 600w Dual Spectrum HPS Grow Light Bulb is the future of HPS bulbs as it has a lifespan of over 30,000 hours and can be used during the veg and flowering phases of a plants growth.


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Powerful & Intense – A Bulb Like No Other!

  • Dual Spectrum – Used for growth & flowering
  • Premium brand and quality
  • Has a life span of 30,000+ hours
  • Can be used in most reflectors and fixtures

The Elite 600w Dual Spectrum Bulb offers growers both high quality and incredible intensity lighting for their grow room.


What are the benefits of an Elite 600w Dual Spectrum Bulb?

New on the market, these bulbs are made from the latest pieces of technology, meaning they are more efficient than most other grow light bulbs. Each bulb has the ability to emit both the blue and red spectrum of light making them perfect for the vegetative stage of plant growth, as well as the flowering stage. Furthermore, each bulb has a lifespan of over 30,000 hours meaning that it can be used for multiple grows.

Likewise, these bulbs are specifically tailored to the horticultural market, they’re considered one of the best lamps available for growing purposes. The dual spectrum output is both economic and an easy to use solution. These bulbs are suitable for both vegetative and flowering stages of plant growth.

Product Specifications

  • Colour temperature of 2000K
  • Emits blue & red spectrum

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