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House & Garden Top Booster strengthens a plants flowering cycle, whilst also improving the condition of the plants leaves.

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Strengthen Your Plants Flowering Cycle, Whilst Also Improving The Condition Of The Plant’s Leaves

  • Significantly improves crop size
  • Promotes healthier leaves
  • Can be used with other House & Garden products


What Is The Purpose Of House & Garden Top Booster?

When plants enter their flowering cycle, they require more Phosphorous and Potassium to stop them from becoming deficient. It provides your plants with these two nutrients in a form which is easy for the plant to absorb. This significantly improves the plant’s health and also allows results to be seen quicker.

In addition to having Phosphorous and Potassium, it contains iron which helps a plant’s leaves green and healthy.


Who Can Benefit From House & Garden Top Booster?

Most types of gardeners can benefit from Top Booster. This is because it can be used in most types of medium.

We recommend that you use around 1.5ml per 1 litre for up to 4 days. This can be from 3 weeks before harvest. However, please be aware that as with all nutrients you should never add them in their concentrated form. Instead, add each measurement separately and mix well before adding another nutrient.


House & Garden Top Booster Specifications & Guidance

  • 1.5ml of Top Booster will make 1 litre of usable nutrient solution
  • House & Garden recommend using Top Booster at a rate of 1.5ml/Litre for 3-4 days, 3 weeks before harvest.


Available in 500ml, 1lt and 5lt sized containers.

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