Jack Chain 10m

Jack Chain

Jack Chain 10m


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Jack Chain is the perfect solution for hanging your heavy grow room equipment. Made from heavy-duty galvanised steel, perfect for hanging reflectors, filters and heaters.



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Durable & Incredibly Strong  – Perfect For Hanging Your Reflectors, Filters & Heaters

  • Made from heavy duty, galvanised steel
  • 10 meters in length
  • Ideal for hanging grow room reflectors, filters and heaters
  • Very inexpensive and easy to set up

Jack Chain is a great solution for suspending your fans, filters and heaters from ceilings or grow tents.


What is Jack Chain used for?

This is a very inexpensive way of hanging your grow room accessories. They are fantastic for fixing fan, filters and heaters to ceilings and can withhold heavy amounts too. Likewise, you can also use this to suspend your accessories from the poles inside of your grow tent, making it easy to set up at home.


Where can you use Jack Chain?

This is for use within an indoor grow room environment, it makes hanging your heavy equipment far easier and can even hold up to 10kg of weight!


How to use Jack Chain                                    

To use this within your grow room environment, attach one end to a fixing point on either your wall, ceiling or grow tent pole. Similarly, you can connect multiple jack chains together to form several fixing points if you are wanting to hang heavier pieces of equipment.



  • Length – 10m

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