LED Grow Light Panel – 1000W

LED Grow Light Panel – 1000W


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Suitable for all types of plants, the 1000w LED Grow Light Panel offers gardeners greater control and flexibility over their lighting environment thanks to the lights dimming and daisy chain features.

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LED Grow Light Panel – 1000W

The 1000w LED Grow Light Panel provides plants with all the spectrums of light they need to grow from a seedling up to a fully grown flowering plant. Each LED comes with the ability to daisy chain the lights together, meaning users can have multiple lights within their growing area all working in synchronisation. This provides a better lighting environment which ultimately helps plants grow bigger and produce better flowers and crops. Furthermore, thanks to the LEDs dimming feature, users can reduce or increase the LEDs light output to suit their plants needs.

Power Draw – 100.5W±5%@AC120V

Energy Efficiency – 2.7 u mol/j

Number of LEDs – 218led

HPS Replacement – 200W

Vegetative Coverage – 3x3ft

Flowering Coverage – 2x2ft

Dimmable Function – YES

Footprint (veg) – 3x3ft

Footprint (flowering) – 2x2ft

Dimension – 11.8″ x 9.4″ x 2.36″

Weight – 1.26kg


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