Complete 600w Dual LED Grow Tent Kit


Complete 600w Dual LED Grow Tent Kit

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£350.00 £349.99

Containing high-quality pieces of equipment, the LED Grow Tent Kit provides users with the perfect indoor growing area to grow large healthy plants’ that produce large healthy crops all for a low price.

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Create The Perfect Indoor Growing Area For Large Plants With The Complete Dual LED Grow Tent Kit

The Complete Dual LED Grow Tent Kit provides users with the perfect indoor growing area to grow large healthy plants’ at an affordable price!


The Complete Dual LED Grow Tent Kit Includes the following:

Our range of Grow Tents includes super strong steel poles that support a 600D Silver Mylar covering, which also includes double stitching and heavy duty zips.


This full spectrum Dual Spectrum LED Grow Light is perfect for both flowering and vegetative growth when growing plants indoors. They’re also easy to install and an energy saving alternative to other more expensive light kits on the market. These LED grow lights will help your plants to grow all year long. The bulb is strikingly equal to the sun and the LED lighting enables your plants to grow exceptionally well. Its full spectrum light output encourages further photosynthesis, whilst the cool running temperature ensures your plants do not burn under the light (LED design may vary).


The Fox Twin Speed Aluminium Filter Kit is one of the best extraction systems on the market today as it is flexible, durable and provides great value for money. Made to circulate the air within a grow room, our Fox Inline Twin Speed Fans are at the cutting edge of hydroponic environmental control. Built from robust plastics and available in four different sizes, gardeners can easily adjust the fans speed and air flow at the flick of a switch. Therefore giving growers more control over their grow tents temperature and overall environment. You’ll also receive a Fox Carbon Filter. These are made from aluminium, making them robust and lightweight.


This fan is perfect for use within indoor growing environments. When growing your plants indoors, you can occasionally come across issues with the quality of air within your grow room. Therefore, using an indoor fan will help to alleviate these issues. This particular fan is both sturdy and reliable and also includes 3 preset speed settings. Therefore giving growers full control over just how much they need to circulate the air. The Cyclone fan stands securely on the floor, and its height can be easily adjusted up or down.


When growing plants indoors it’s very important to provide the best environment possible for plant growth. Using a Compact Dehumidifier will help to remove excess water within the air. It is a quick and efficient way to improve air quality.


Our Round Fabric Pots are excellent for improving root structure and mass, they provide an excellent and aerated environment for plant growth. Their porous fabric helps the pot to provide the best drainage. Therefore, preventing you from over watering your plants.


Made to support up to 68kg of weight, these rope ratchets are available as a pair of hangers which will hang and support grow room equipment. These rope ratchets come with lock ratchets at both ends to prevent grow room equipment from slipping.


Ducting Clips are perfect for attaching multiple lengths of ducting together to your extraction system within your grow room. Each clip can be easily adjusted and has a screw fitting to enable you to get the closest possible seal when joining ducting together.



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