Premium CFL Dual Spectrum Grow Tent Kit

Premium CFL Dual Spectrum Grow Tent Kit

Premium CFL Dual Spectrum Grow Tent Kit


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These Kits Are Fast Becoming One Of The Most Popular Grow Tents Kits On The Market! The Premium CFL Dual Spectrum Grow Tent Kit produces little heat and delivers large results.

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The CFL Premium Grow Tent Kit – Making Indoor Growing Easier Than Ever!

Our Premium CFL Dual Spectrum Grow Tent Kit contains 2x dual spectrum CFL bulbs which mean users won’t have to change their bulb during their plants’ growth cyclone. Furthermore, as CFL Bulbs don’t produce as much heat as traditional grow light bulbs, users need not worry about their plant’s receiving heat damage. Another benefit of the CFL Grow Tent Kit is that each included grow tent is made from super reflective, durable 600D Silver Mylar which is great at focusing light towards your plants’ whilst simultaneously stopping light escaping your growing area.


The Premium CFL Dual Spectrum Grow Tent Kit includes the following items – 
  • Premium 3m x 3m x 2m Grow Tent

Ideal for growing up to 16 plants’, the 3x3x2m Grow Tent provides users with the perfect environment to grow large healthy plants at a price that suits them.


  • 8″ Fox Aluminium Ducting (10m)

Fox Aluminium Ducting is ideal for anyone who wants to create a ventilation system that is flexible, durable and provides value for money. Made from a strong but flexible wire spiral with an outer aluminium wall, Fox Aluminium Ducting helps to transfer air from an extractor fan to a nearby outlet. Circulating air within your grow room is important because indoor plants need a constant source of CO2 rich, fresh air as this enables them to produce healthy, large yields.


  • Oscillating Clip-on Fan (design may vary)

The Oscillating Clip-On Fan is extremely popular amongst indoor growers for use within indoor grow tents. Your grow room will require a fan all year round to provide air circulation and to maintain temperature and humidity levels. An affordable and easy to use option for beginners and less experienced growers. This is an affordable fan that can make a big impact on the air circulation within your grow room. Improving the air circulation within your grow room will help to strengthen your plant’s core. Plus the two-speed control helps growers to fully control their indoor climate easily and efficiently.


  • Large Fox Carbon Filter 200/400mm 

Fox Carbon Filters are quickly becoming the number one choice for indoor gardeners who want to remove particles and odours from their grow rooms. When growing plants indoors, they tend to create a certain level of odour. Subsequently, this odour may or may not bring unwanted attention to your grow room. When using a Carbon Filter, you don’t have to worry about this odour. This is because the activated carbon inside the air filter attracts and removes any offending odour molecules which your plants may create.


  • 2 x 300w Dual Spectrum LumenLite CFL Bulbs

Low cost and effective, Dual Spectrum CFL Grow Lights are perfect for new growers and also work fantastic as propagation lights. Tailored towards improving both the vegetative and flowering phases of plant growth. Each dual spectrum CFL Grow Light Bulb provides plants with the red and blue spectrum of light.


  • 2 x CFL Reflectors

Our CFL Reflector is a high quality hammered stainless steel reflector with a 5-meter cable and UK plug. The CFL Reflector features precise angles and a dimpled finish in order to optimise light distribution. This is a great value reflector, capable of out-performing many HID reflectors. Please be aware that this will not work with HPS or MH bulbs, as they require a ballast to run.


  • 3 x Pairs Of LumenLite Rope Ratchets

Made to support up to 68kg of weight, these rope ratchets are available as a pair of hangers which will hang and support grow room equipment such as grow lights, inline fans, carbon filters and ducting. They also come with lock ratchets at both ends to prevent equipment from slipping.


  • 3 x Ducting Clips

These Ducting Clips are perfect for joining ducting together to your grow room extraction system. Each clip can be adjusted and has a screw fitting to enable you to get the closest possible seal. Their quick release design makes sure that there are no weak spots.


  • 8 x 11L Fabric Pots (style may vary)

Our 11L fabric pots are a great alternative to your usual plastic plant pots. They offer a variety of benefits such as improving and aerating the root zone and regulating temperatures. The porous fabric helps the pot to provide the best drainage. Therefore, preventing you from over watering your plants.


  • 8 x Coco Blocks (each block, when watered, produces 8 litres of Coco)

Coco Bricks are increasingly used by growers as a growing medium for their plants. This is because it offers a superior water holding capacity, excellent air space and far better drainage than Rockwool and peat moss. Likewise, it doesn’t decompose quickly, so will last longer in your soil. Each block is able to expand up to 3 times its size when rehydrated with water. It can be used for seeds and cuttings as long as they are potted up once settled. One brick will sufficiently make 8 litres of compost which is enough for 2 seed trays

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