Trim Buddy Tabletop Trimmer V2

Trim Buddy Tabletop Trimmer V2

Trim Buddy Tabletop Trimmer V2


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The Trim Buddy Tabletop Trimmer V2 offers unbelievable trimming performance, its incredibly quick motor and stable design makes it one of the most powerful trimmers on the market.

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A Sturdy & Powerful System Designed To Make Trimming Far Easier

  • Able to easily trim large amounts of plant material
  • Hardwearing, durable and sturdy design
  • Easy to dismantle to transport with ease
  • Includes an extremely powerful motor featuring 3 speed settings

The Trim Buddy Tabletop Trimmer V2 works effortlessly to reduce trimming time. Its sturdy design is perfect for even the most demanding jobs.


What is the Trim Buddy Tabletop Trimmer V2 used for?

The Trim Buddy Tabletop Trimmer V2 offers the highest quality trimming results whilst also providing quick trimming times. It will perfectly trim your plants and remove any excess waste into the bin. Likewise, its flat metal grate with spinning blades ensures the most precise cut along with 3 different speed settings. The blades sit close to the underside of the grate and feature two flaps which work like a propeller to remove excess waste. Therefore keeping the working area as tidy as possible. The untrimmed, fresh plant produce you want to keep is then rolled over the grate in a circular motion. where any excess leaves can be simply removed by the blade.


Where can you use the Trim Buddy Tabletop Trimmer V2?

This trimmer is great for professional growers looking for a simple and affordable solution to hand trimming their plants. It saves plenty of times and fits easily within any size room. Similarly, the included collection bag helps to eliminate any mess and keep your room as tidy as possible. This trimmer is specifically for freshly harvested material, therefore you should not use dried plant matter within this machine.


How to use the Trim buddy Tabletop Trimmer V2                              

To get the best results you should leave all harvested material on your plant’s branch. Then holding the branch slightly above the grate, simply twist the branch back and forth over the grate to make sure you get an even trim. The suction flaps should then pull all leaf matter through towards the blades, removing any leaves. It is important that you do not apply any extra pressure to the grate as you can cause damage to the blades.

Moreover, to sharpen and clean your blades we recommend that you loosen the screws and remove the blades from the trimmer. Finally, give the blades a thorough clean and ensure you remove any residue. To sharpen the blades use a grindstone.


Trim Buddy Table Top Trimmer V2 Specifications

  • 1 x Trim Buddy Table Top Trimmer
  • Dimensions:  460mm x 460mm x 650mm (length x width x height)

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