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Ready To Flush?

Ready to Flush

There are many myths about how important or useful flushing is for plants prior to harvest. Therefore we’re exploring the truths behind flushing, why you should flush and how to flush correctly.

What exactly is flushing?

Flushing involves watering your plants without any added nutrients for a particular period of time. This can be between anywhere between a day to a couple of weeks. It all depends on the growing medium you’re using. The idea behind this is to give your plants plenty of time to use up all the nutrients you’ve been supplying them with throughout the growth cycle. Flushing is recommended for growers of all types, this includes hydro, coco coir or soil. The only difference between each is the amount of time you should spend flushing.

Providing you flush your plant correctly you will notice a drastic difference in the quality of your yield. Throughout the growth cycle, your plants store certain amounts of nutrients, therefore it’s important to give them the chance to dispose of all the excess nutrients before harvest. If you do not flush, your harvest may acquire a more bitter taste and unpleasant smell.


Flushing VS Not Flushing

Some growers are against flushing as they believe it derives plants of nutrients, which therefore has a negative effect on growth. However, flushing your plants will not cause any disadvantage on the nutrient uptake of your plants. Alternatively, it actually allows them to make better use of the nutrients they have accumulated throughout the growth cycle. Therefore leading to a better tasting and smelling product.

Likewise, others believe that withholding nutrients can cause stress to plants, which in no way encourages growth. This is true, flushing will cause more stress on your plants, however in certain plants these defence elements are the most desirable elements. So instead, flushing will increase the end value of your product.

The most important thing to take note of it that there is a right and wrong way to flush your plants. If flushing with water, your plants will be negatively affected and even cause a loss of flowering. That’s why special flushing agents have been developed. When it comes to picking a flushing agent that right for your plants you’ll want to make sure that you use one that contains plenty of chelates. Chelates are organic compounds which help to force out excess nutrients. Similarly, a high-quality flushing agent will provide your plants with everything they need and ensure you get a much better final product.


When should I flush?

Timing is quite possibly one of the most important elements of flushing your plants well. Plants grown in soil can be flushed, they’ll just take a little longer than plants flushing in hydro or coco. There are however a few differences depending on the growing medium you’re using. If you’re growing in soil, start flushing between 1-2 weeks before harvest. Whereas if you’re growing in coco, you’ll want to flush your plants for up to 1 week prior to harvest. Finally, for those of you using hydro, you should only flush your plants for 1-2 days.

Obviously, you’ll need to make sure that you keep a close eye on your plants during the flushing process and adjust your flushing times as and when necessary in order to find the perfect flushing time for your plants.


Our Flushing Agent Recommendations:

Advanced Nutrients Flawess Finish

Advanced Nutrients Flawless Finish

A special flushing formula designed to help reduce nutrient and salt build up, to produce a cleaner and better-tasting product, designed by the incredible scientists at Advanced Nutrients


Plant Magic Flush

An effective finisher which removes excess nutrients and salts which cause a metallic taste. Also contains plant hormones which encourage plants to harvest sooner, whilst improving aroma and flavour.

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