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Summer Plant Health – Tips & Tricks

During Summer it’s important that you alter your indoor growing area in order to continue getting the perfect plant health. We’ve listed a few tips and tricks to help you keep your plants healthy grow room in the best condition.

First of all, it’s important to understand the ventilation in your grow room, having just one single fan will be insufficient. Getting grow room ventilation perfect requires a lot more than one fan! You’ll need to ventilate the grow room in order to get better air circulation, mimicking a natural outdoor environment. You’ll need both a fan and extraction system to keep the air fresh. The grow lights in your grow room emit high levels of heat, a simple few degrees difference during summer (when temperatures are already high) will cause devastating effects to your plants. We suggest that you consider swapping your lights to cooler running systems, or removing a couple of lights. Alternatively, you could try running your lights on only at night when temperatures are considerably cooler.

It’ll help plant health to have complete control over the humidity in your grow room too. Uncontrolled humidity levels will lead to poor growth and cause pest and diseases to develop. Having a constant good supply of air circulation will prevent pests and diseases. Pests tend to lay their eggs in damp soil, so using a fan to circulate air across the top of the soil will make it harder for them to lay their eggs.

Likewise, you’ll want to keep a close eye on your hydroponic systems nutrient solution. It’s important that you make sure there’s always enough nutrient solution or water available in your system. Similarly, make sure you keep a close eye on root zones. You may want to invest in a magnifier, you give you an extra close look.

We also suggest that you sterilise the grow room in between crops to keep a clean and fresh environment throughout plant growth.


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