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The Different Types Of Grow Lights

The Different Types Of Grow Lights

As the Hydroponic equipment market keeps growing, so does the number of different types of Grow Lights. In this short blog we will list the different types and give a brief description of each.

How Plants Use Light

Light is full of energy and is emitted as waves of photons. The amount of energy in each photon determines the length of the wave from crest to crest. Whilst wavelengths can vary, plants’ can only use specific wavelengths, typically the wave lengths that occur between 400 and 700 nm on the spectrum.

Gardeners who are using artificial light to grow plants should attempt to match the needs of their plants as closely as possible whilst also considering which type of light is the most efficient.


Types Of Grow Lights

  • LED‘s – In terms of grow lighting, LEDs are the new kid on the block which makes them one of the most expensive types of grow lights available. However, their benefits include low energy use, ideal light spectrum, low heat output and dropping cost price. Find out more about LEDs in our recent blog post.
  • Florescent Lights – Indoor gardeners have been using Florescent Lights for years as they are good for seedlings and micro greens. However, they lack the intensity for serious use and are also fragile. Furthermore, they can not be used to produce flowers or fruits as they do not emit the right spectrum of light.
  • Induction Lighting – Similar to Florescent lighting, Induction Lighting has been around for years and uses magnetic fields rather than filaments to produce light. They also have a long life span and OK efficiency but have yet to be utilised in the farming industry.
  • High Intensity Discharge Lighting – Loved by gardeners around the world, High Intensity Discharge Lighting provides a high intensity light that is is great at producing high quality crops. However, it does come at a cost of high heat output and low light production efficiency. The two types of lighting under the HID umbrella are metal halide lights (MH) and high pressure sodium lights (HPS).

As more and more people start using lights to grow indoor plants, the amount of varieties will no doubt increase. To keep up with the latest Grow Light News subscribe to our newsletter and also receive money off promo codes.

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