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Which Grow Tent Kit Is Best For You?

Whether you’re new to growing or are a seasoned urban gardener, choosing which Grow Tent Kit to buy can be a hard decision. In this weeks blog post, we’ll be going through all the different type of Grow Tent Kits we offer and how each one can benefit your situation.


LED Grow Tent Kits / CFL Grow Tent Kits

LED & CFL Grow Tent Kits are our most popular Grow Tent Kits and after you’ve read this blog you’ll see why.

LED and CFL lights are well known for not producing heat and have been proven to produce the same high quality results as other traditional grow lights on the market today. It is this reason that they are great for new growers as users need not worry about heat build-up within their growing area. In addition, if the LED or CFL light is a dual spectrum light which boosts a plants growth rate and also their flower/fruit production rate, user need not worry about having to change their lighting environment half way through their plants life cycle.

Another benefit of a LED & CFL Grow Tent Kit is that they don’t necessary need a carbon filter kit like other Grow Tent Kits on the market today. This is because, as previously mentioned, the LED or CFL light does not produce heat, therefore, there is no need to extract heat from the growing area. However, as you’ll see with this LED Grow Tent Kit and CFL Grow Tent Kit, some LED & CFL kits come with a Carbon Filter extraction unit which sole purpose is to remove unwanted odours created by your plants as well as any airborne harmful pathogens that may impact plant growth.

When choosing if you want a kit with or without an extraction unit, it all depends on what type of plant you’re growing, for example, if you’re growing Aloe vera then you’ll probably not need to eliminate odours. However, if you’re growing an exotic plant that produces odours, you’ll probably need an extraction unit to remove odours and stop your growing area impacting the external environment.


CDM Grow Tent Kits

CDM Grow Tent Kits typically come in a 315w variation and are fast becoming just as popular as their LED & CFL counter parts, however they tend to be used more by experienced growers. Each CDM Grow Tent Kit can include either a light kit which has a digital ballast, bulb and reflector or a full fixture which has a ballast and reflector built in to it for better convenience.

One of the benefits of the CDM Grow Tent Kit is that the 315w light doesn’t produce any heat just like its LED & CFL counterpart and also produces high quality results just like traditional 600w bulbs. Furthermore, each CDM Grow Tent Kit comes with the option of having either a 3000k or 4000k bulb. This is an added bonus as each bulb provides the perfect light for plant growth and flower production, however, each one has a different benefit. For example, the 3000k bulb is tailor made to improve flower/fruit production and the 4000k bulb improves plant growth more.

As with the LED & CFL Grow Tent Kit, the CDM Kit comes with or without a carbon filter kit for the exact reason as previously mentioned.


Traditional HID (HPS/MH/Dual Spectrum) Grow Tent Kits

Before the introduction of the LED and CFL Grow Tent Kit, traditional HID HPS/MH/Dual Spectrum Grow Tent Kits were the most popular Grow Tent Kit on the market. This was because they deliver high class results for low ended prices. However, as the included grow lights produce more heat than LEDs & CFLs, the traditional Grow Tent Kit is becoming less popular as time goes by. This being said, the traditional HID Grow Tent Kits still offer users an excellent growing area to grow and produce large plants and still used by new and experienced growers today.

One of the reasons why growers are still turning to the HID Grow Tent Kit is that the included grow light is widely regarded as the best light at producing strong levels of light. This in turn boost growth and flower production better than LED, CFL and CDM Grow Tent Kits. In addition, as HID bulbs can be used with a dimmable ballast, users have the option of choosing a Dimmable Ballast that reduces or turbo boosts the light output to suit their plants needs.

Finally, each light included within the Grow Tent Kit produces larger levels of heat than their LED, CFL & CDM counterpart. This can be beneficial because some exotic plants need a growing area to be a certain temperature, therefore, users might not need to buy a heater for there growing area. Furthermore, if the Grow Tent Kit comes with an extraction system, users can easily control these temperatures and reduce the risk of heat damage occurring to their plants.


Other things to think about when deciding which Grow Tent Kit is best for you are:

What Type Of Grow Tent Should I Use?

  • This all depends on where you’re putting your indoor garden. If you’re setting it up in a room with a flat roof then a flat roof grow tent will be best. However, if you’re setting it up in a room with a slanted roof, like an attic or space under the stairs, a loft grow tent would suit you best.

Which Medium Do I Use?

  • Again this depends on your preference, however, each medium does have added benefits and negatives. Soil is perfect for new growers as it contains all the base vitamins plants need to grow. Coco is typically used by experienced growers as it allows users to have greater control over the nutrients their plants receive. For a better understanding of which medium might be best for you, check out our blog post titled Soil or Coco: Which Growing Media Should You Use.

Should I Use A Self Watering System?

  • Having a Self Watering System, such as an AutoPot, IWS or Wilma System dramatically improves the growing experience as the plants feeding and watering cycle is automated. This allows gardeners to concentrate on other things and also allows better control over how much nutrient is given to your plants. The only downside to an AutoPot, IWS or Wilma System is that the more plants you want to grow at one time, the more you have to pay for the system. For more info, check out our range of self watering Grow Tent Kits.

Do I Need An Airflow Fan?

  • Having inadequate air movement in your grow room can cause negative effects on the health and strength of your plants. When in nature, plants have the air constantly pushing and pulling on their leaves. Therefore, when growing indoors – this needs to be mimicked. For more info check out our helpful blog Air Circulation – Why It’s So Important!

Do I Need To Use Nutrients?

  • Short answer yes … when growing indoor plants you want to get the most out of your plants and there’s no better way to do this than give them growth boosting nutrients. Check out our blog on A Little Guide To Using Nutrients!



  • LED & CFL Grow Tent Kits are ideal for new growers as they produce little to no heat and provide plants with all the light they need to grow and produce flowers. Furthermore, as LEDs and CFLs don’t need a ballast to run, these types of Tent Kits are typically one of the cheapest kit around.
  • CDM Grow Tent Kits can be used by new and experienced growers as they are fairly easy to set up and the included CDM light gives users a variety of different ways upon which they can raise their plants. However, these type of Grow Tent Kits tend to cost more.
  • Traditional HID (HPS/MH/Dual Spectrum) Grow Tent Kits tend to be used more by experienced growers as they have been found to produce better end results. However, as they contain delicate equipment such as HID bulbs and ballasts, these types of kits are slightly harder to use.

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