Grow Tents – Indoor Growing Area


Grow Tents – Indoor Growing Area


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Consisting of strong metal poles and light-proof 600D Silver Mylar, our range of Grow tents provide users with an unbeatable value for money growing area upon which they can grow and produce large plants’ and yields.



Gardeners Corner Grow Tents – Indoor Growing Area

  • Creates the perfect growing environment for plants
  • Made out of 600D Silver Mylar and 16mm steel poles
  • Double stitching and heavy duty zips
  • Lightweight and easy to erect
  • Can be used with a variety of Grow lights and filter kits

What is a Grow Tent?

Typically consisting of support poles and thick outer material, Grow Tents are self-contained growing areas that help provide gardeners with a perfect indoor growing environment. Each Grow Tent usually contains a selection of hanging brackets which fit over the Grow Tents roof. These brackets allow gardeners to hang grow lights and carbon filter kits which are vital in keeping certain indoor plants healthy and productive.


Who might use a Grow Tent?

As a Grow Tent is a self-contained indoor growing area, anyone who wants to grow a certain vegetable or fruit all year round can benefit from using one. For example, a Grow Tent can be used to germinate and grow seedlings. Once these have grown, the Grow Tent can then be set up to help these seedling progress through their vegetative stage. Then, their flowering stage. Furthermore, as Grow Tents are easy to set up and maintain, even a beginner can start to benefit from using a Grow Tent.


How to set up a Grow Tent

Once you receive your Grow Tent you should move the box into the room you wish to set the tent up in as this will save you time.

The first step to setting up a Grow Tent is removing all the poles and mylar from its packaging and laying them out on the floor. This will give you easy access to the parts you need and will make the whole experience easier.

Now you have the Grow Tent components in front of you, start inserting the poles labeled ‘A’ into the steel corners. Make sure the corners with rubber feet on are facing down. This will reduce the risk of damage occurring to the Grow Tents floor.

Next, clip the poles and corners together to form the Grow Tents base. Once finishing the base, start clipping together poles ‘B and C’ to form the vertical support poles. Now clip all four vertical support poles into the base corners and clip the remaining loose corners on top of these support poles. Insert the remaining poles into these corners to form the Grow Tent roof. Then place the hanging brackets onto the roof poles.

As a top tip, we suggest you don’t place the frame too close to a wall as this will hinder you when you come to wrapping the silver mylar around the frame.

Installing a Grow Tents Silver Mylar

Now you have the frame of the Grow Tent, the next step is to install the silver mylar. To do this, locate the roof section of the mylar and place this over the Grow Tent frame. Next, slide the mylar floor section under the Grow Tent frame. Make sure to support the frame so it doesn’t fall over. Once the roof and floor sections are secure, wrap the remaining mylar cover around the frame. Make sure to zip the cover in place whilst you go along.

Finally, secure the removable mylar floor with the attached velcro straps and reposition the hanging brackets to a position that suits your growing needs.


Grow Tent Specifications

  • 16mm Strong Steel Poles
  • Strong steel corners
  • 600D Super Reflective Silver Mylar
  • Double stitched fabric and heavy duty zips to ultimately stop light and odours escaping
  • Each tent comes with intake and outtake ‘socks’ which allow environmental systems to be effectively fed into each Grow Tent.
  • Cable socks are also provided which enable wires to be neatly secured
  • Non toxic materials

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  1. 5 out of 5


    Love this grow tent, good quality and so easy to set up , even for a beginner like myself 😂

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