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Easy2Grow Systems


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The Autopot Easy2Grow System is one of the most popular growing systems which makes high-quality plant growing so much easier!



One Of The Best Selling Watering Systems Which Makes Growing So Much Easier

  • No need for additional pumps and timers
  • Feeds your plants with water and nutrient solution automatically
  • Imitates plants natural cycle with built-in wet and dry options.
  • Discover the entire Autopot Easy2Grow range

The Easy2Grow Systems are the ideal watering system for growing plants hydroponically. It gives you full control over feeding times and makes looking after your plants so much easier.


What is the purpose of the Easy2Grow Systems?

The Easy2Grow Systems are one of the best-selling watering systems on the market. It specifically works by taking full control over the supply of water and nutrient solution. Likewise, this hydroponic reservoir system provides an automatic supply of water and nutrients straight to your plants on a regular cycle. This, therefore, ensures that your plants are continually receiving the perfect dosages as naturally as possible.


Who can use the Easy2Grow Systems?

The Easy2Grow System is perfect for both professional and beginner hydroponic growers. They are available in a variety of sizes whether you want a large yield or a slightly smaller yield, all needs are catered for by Easy2Grow. These systems are for use as a hydroponic setup or alternatively with any growing medium of your choice. These systems are completely versatile, reliable and low maintenance allowing gardeners to relax knowing that their plants are growing perfectly.


Easy2Grow Specifications & Guidance

  • For use as an automated watering and feeding system, for use hydroponically or with any growing medium
  • Available in a variety of pot amounts and sizes

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