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Hyper Blaster Inline Fans


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The Hyper Blaster Inline Fans are ideal for growers looking for incredible performance and high quality! Capable of moving large amounts of air.



One Of The Most Powerful Fans Available On The Market

Hyper Blaster Inline Fans are incredibly efficient in comparison to traditional AC fans, as they are capable of moving larger volumes of air.

What are the Hyper Blaster Inline Fans used for?

The Hyper Blaster Fans are great for use in indoor grow rooms. There considerably quieter and far more efficient than traditional AC fans. Therefore, they’re the ideal investment for growers looking for high-quality and performance. They feature a lightweight aluminium casing and self-lubricating bearings. Likewise, they also feature a ‘soft start’ internal circuit which helps to reduce general wear and tear over time. The brushless motors generate high static pressure, making these fans capable of moving large volumes of air.


How to use the Hyper Blaster Inline Fans

This Hyper Blaster will help to draw stale air out of your room. Start by hanging the fan your preferred location. You may want to invest in some Rope Ratchets or Jack Chain to suspend the fan securely. There is an arrow indication mark on the outside of the fans casing which displays which direction you need to hang the fan. After that, connect your ducting to your fan using a ducting clip to secure it tightly in place.
However, please do not touch the blades of the fan whilst it is running. They are incredibly sharp and will cause severe injury.


Hyper Fan – 150mm (6″)
Diameter: 150mm
Airflow: 535 m3/hr
dB A: 65
Max watts: 35w
Peak amps: 0.3
Weight: 1.3kg

Hyper Fan – 200mm (8″)
Diameter: 200mm
Airflow: 1206 m3/hr
dB A: 68
Max watts: 75w
Peak amps: 0.55
Weight: 2.3kg

Hyper Fan – 250mm (10″)
Diameter: 250mm
Airflow: 1810 m3/hr
dB A: 71
Max watts: 170w
Peak amps: 1.1
Weight: 3kg

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