A Little Guide To Using Nutrients!

When growing indoors it’s important to know the nutritional requirements of your plants before you begin. The strength of the nutrient solution you’re using will differ from week to week.

At first, most plants will need an extra supply of nitrogen, then phosphorus in order to produce large amounts of fruits and flowers. We suggest investing in a pH and EC meter to make it easier to keep a close eye on the strength of your nutrient solution.

Plants need nutrients to survive, they need a lot of specific elements in their soil to survive. These elements then help to grow and build your plants immunity. Likewise, some of these elements also play a massive role in photosynthesis. With hydroponics, things do work a little differently. Without soil, the plants will need to get their supply of nutrients from elsewhere. These water-soluble liquid nutrients dilute when mixed with water and travel to plants’ roots.

The best nutrient formula to start off with would be a 3 part system. These ranges will help you achieve phenomenal growth throughout the different stages of plant growth. Don’t go mixing or adding a whole variety of different nutrients in a hope that it’ll sort every problem out because it really won’t! You should only add additional nutrient formula with care.

It’s important that you regularly check and maintain your hydroponic nutrient reservoir at least every day. Keep in mind that after two weeks you’ll need to change the water and add fresh nutrients. Likewise, you’ll also need to take into account that when finishing a cycle you should flush out your whole hydroponic system. Find out more about Flushing here.