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A Guide To Plant Trimming

Once your plants reach harvest you’ll want to trim and remove ripe fruit and flowers. There are a couple of ways in which you can go about the trimming process. However, it’s important that you make sure you’re trimming your plants correctly in order to get the best results!

Depending on your yield size you can either machine trim or hand trim. As plenty of growers are aware, there are many issues you need to watch out for when it gets close to harvest time. You can quite easily lose your harvest to mould or rain damage. Therefore, its extremely important to have an efficient trimming process set in place.


When using a dry trimming machine it’s far easier to process large quantities, especially on a tight schedule. These machines are the perfect choice for professional indoor growers. These machines will ultimately help improve the automation and efficiency of your grow room. Likewise, using a trimming machine will also help to produce consistent results time after time. All flowers and fruits are treated with the exact same gentle handling, so you’ll get consistent results every time.


The right trimming machine will gently trim your plants at a rate up to 10 times faster than a hand trimmer. With a trimming machine, you’ll be able to streamline your trimming process and maximize profits. They’re ultimately an investment into the future of your grow room.


Tools For Trimming

There are a few different tools you can also use to help you along the way and help make trimming a little easier.

Pruning shears are necessary for trimming through thick branches. They will also help to easily trim the smaller leaves around the product. It’s also extremely important to wear a pair of gloves, they’ll help you to stay clean and tidy.


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