Gardening For Health and Wellbeing

From bird watching to gardening, the past year has seen many of us notice and appreciate our natural surroundings more, and the benefits of nature on our health and wellbeing.

Green spaces and gardening in particular make us feel better by generating a number of positive emotions including joy, calm and creativity. However, connecting to nature isn’t just for those living in rural areas, more and more people are getting creative with their urban space to create an area that feels calm and quiet.

Even if you don’t have a garden, it is still possible to grow various types of plants, flowers and vegetables. You just need to get a little creative, here are some ideas that might inspire you.

Place potted plants in an entryway. Fron old fruit boxes to wood scraps and an old tin watering can, with a bit of creativity anything can be turned into a planter. Try up-cycled items to create a unique display.

Grow herbs and vegetables on a windowsill. Chillies are easy to grow in a pot on a sunny windowsill. There are many varieties to choose from to suit hot to mild tastes. Grow from January to March, or buy plants online.

Annual herbs, such as basil, parsley and coriander are easy and cheap to grow from seed on a windowsill. Perennial herbs such as mint, marjoram and chives can be planted singly or together in a large pot.

Grow microgreens indoors. These are the seedlings of herbs and vegetables which have an intense flavour packed into their tiny leaves. They are easy to grow indoors on a windowsill, and you’ll have fresh pickings within a few days after sowing.

Start a vertical garden on a wall. By planting upwards instead of outwards, you’ll create enough space to plant fresh herbs, vegetables and flowers. The advantage of a vertical garden is that it can be created inside or outdoors.

Houseplants and trees in the living room. Create a display, start propagating your own houseplants or create a hanging basket with houseplants.

Finally, make sure you have all the growing essentials for creating your calm, green space.

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