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Boost Plant Growth By Giving Them A Pinch

Increase Plant Size By Giving Them A Pinch

Want to boost your plant growth the easy way and better yet do it for free? Check out this weeks blog and discover the technique of pinching.

Pinching doesn’t just happen when Granny’s see their grand children’s cheeks, it also happens when gardeners want to improve their plant and crop size. Gardening has many odd terms, a lot of them no ones heard of, however pinching is definitely one what you need to know about.

What Does Pinching Plants Mean?

Pinching Plants is a form of pruning that encourages plant growth. This means that when you pinch a plant, you simple remove the top of the main stem. This makes the plant grow two new stems from the plants leaf nodes.


Why Should You Pinch A Plant?

As previously mentioned, pinching a plant encourages growth. By pinching a plant you are forcing the plant to produce twice as many stems, which means, the plant will produce a more fuller form with more leaves. This is especially good for herbs like Basil as more of the usable leaves are produced. However, as pinching encourages plants to become more wider, pinching is not advised for gardeners who want to grow tall plants.


How To Pinch A Plant

To pinch a plant, simply remove any new growth at the end of the stem with either your fingers or a sharp pair of pruning scissors. Make sure you’re pinching the stem above the leaf nodes or else new stems will not develop.


Now you know what pinching a plant is what are you waiting for? Get yourselves in the garden and start pinching.

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