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How To Use Root Boosters – Nutrient Advice

Root Boosters aren’t essential, but using one can be ever so effective. There are multiple reasons why people use them as they can help to increase root mass and encourage further growth. Likewise, root boosters are great for creating a strong resistance to disease and speeding up the nutrient uptake process. We recommend using a root booster to achieve better growth results in a shorter time frame.

There’s a fair few root boosters available on the hydroponics market, each offering your plants various advantages.


Canna Rhizotonic is absolutely fantastic as a foliar spray or for wetting your growing media. It contains a great range of vitamins which your plants to build a strong resistance to disease. Canna Rhizotonic can be used in hydro, coco and soil growing mediums at a rate of 5ml per 20 litre of water.


Cannazym is also extremely good at increasing root development, it works by breaking down dead root mass and building healthier roots. It works well in all growing mediums including hydro, coco and soil. Furthermore, Cannazym can be used through the various stages of plant growth. For use during the Cutting/seedling stage you’ll want to use 2.5ml per litre. These dosages also apply for the vegetative and flowering stages too.


Nitrozyme is a blend of micronutrients that helps to encourage additional growth in older and more established plants. Likewise, you can use it in soil, hydro or coco. However, the dosage varies for each particular growing medium. For hydro systems simply use 5ml per 10 litres, however for foliar spray feeds instead use 1ml per 1 litre. Alternatively, for those of you using soil as your preferred growing medium, you’ll want to use 2-5ml per 10 litres. However, be careful not to use it during the crossover stage between vegetative growth and flowering, as it can cause negative effects.


Finally, by using root boosters to increase the number of essential nutrients in your plant’s root zone, you’ll be able to achieve far better yields. Your plants will develop stronger roots and will be able to absorb nutrients far quicker.


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