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Air Circulation – Why It’s So Important!

When growing plants indoors, it’s incredibly important to focus on improving the air circulation. It may be unbelievable, but not having adequate air circulation will have devastating effects on your plants!

Having inadequate air movement in your grow room can cause negative effects on the health and strength of your plants. When in nature, plants have the air constantly pushing and pulling on their leaves. Therefore, when growing indoors – this needs to be mimicked. The easiest way to do this is by using circulation fans. These fans will push on the leaves and help them to grow thicker and stronger. Likewise, it also helps them to build up a stronger resistance to stress. Plus, your plants will develop thicker stalks to hold heavier fruits and flowers.

You’ll also find that it’s easier to develop diseases and infestations when not using Air Circulation Fans in your indoor grow room. Diseases such as fungal or bacterial infections can be easily controlled with a little air flow. Fungal spores will not be able to settle on your plant’s leaves, or even develop into a full infection! Plus, a strong air current will make it impossible for any pests to settle on your plants or lay eggs.

Air circulation is important for any sized grow room, small or large. There are plenty of different options available to suit almost every size grow room. In smaller grow rooms, fans will help to steady the airflow and keep a consistent flow of air. Whereas in larger grow room setups, you’ll want to add Air Circulation Fans to make sure air is freely flowing across all sections of the grow room. Therefore helping to reduce the build-up of stale air within your grow room.


There are plenty of different options available on the market, all ideal for different types of rooms and plants:

Intake & Extraction Fans

Intake fans are designed to be placed on the opposite side of the grow room than your extraction fan. You’ll want to place them low down to ensure that the air flows through the room and circulates well. Extraction Fans will help to remove the hot air in the top section of your grow room, so place them along the top section of your room. We have an extensive range of intake and extraction fans to suit every gardener. We also have a fantastic range of Fan Kits which include everything you need to start your first indoor air circulation setup.


Circulation Fans

Circulation Fans work well in the corners of your room. This is so they can circulate the underside of your plants leaves. This will help to remove stale air. You may want to trim the bottom sections of your plants to allow air to flow a little freer. We have a fantastic range of air circulation fans, our Cyclone range offers incredibly high quality at an affordable price!


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