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Oil Filled Heaters FAQs

Oil Filled Heaters FAQs

As the winter weather starts to bite, it’s important to keep your inside space warm. Now might be the time to think about additional heating in your grow room or in your home if the heating just isn’t cutting it.

If you need some extra heat in the home a portable heater provides short, targeted warmth in small spaces. However, they are not effective as a constant heat source in large areas because they don’t disperse enough heat to fill the space.

We’re going to take a look at the oil filled heater and answer some of the common questions we get asked about them.

How do oil heaters work

Oil heaters consist of a series of fins which are attached at the base and fronted with a control panel. They connect to the electricity supply with an ordinary plug.

Electricity is channelled into the heater, which turns the energy into heat. The oil that is enclosed in the heater absorbs heat and begins to circulate it through the fins. As the fins warm up they begin to disperse heat into the room.

Do oil heaters use a lot of electricity?

The oil heater is one of the most energy efficient methods of heating a room. unlike heaters which burn natural gas. Typically, less than one percent of electricity is used to run the heater’s Oil Filled Heatercircuitry.

The oil that’s used absorbs a huge amount of heat and releases it gradually over time.

How long do they take to heat up?

You should allow the heater to heat for up to 10-15 minutes to reach the optimal temperature, however, this depends on the size of the room. Once the area reaches a comfortable temperature, the heater automatically makes adjustments to maintain the warmth. Once the power is switched off, the heater stays warm due to its slow cooling process so the heat lasts longer.

Is it safe to leave an oil heater on overnight?

Most manufacturers recommend not leaving any type of heater on overnight unattended. However, most oil filled heaters feature a timer so it can be turned off late at night, and on early in the morning.

This type of heater also featurea an in-built thermostat so that the heater can turn on and off as per the temperature in the room.

Another feature is the thermal cut-out safety device which reduces the likelihood of overheating.

How long do oil heaters last?

This depends on a number of factors including how often it’s used, if it’s used indoors or out, and how well lubricated the motor is. Generally, you can expect a good quality oil heater to last up to twenty years if it is well cared for.

Do they need to be refilled?

Oil heaters operate on electric power, the oil doesn’t act as fuel. The electric heats the oil within which then acts as a vessel for the heat to be dispersed. Therefore, oil heaters do not have to be refilled.

Do oil filled heaters release fumes?

The oil inside the heater is not burned therefore it does not release any gases so there are no fumes.

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