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Grow Room Equipment Check List

Indoor Grow

Having the right equipment in your indoor grow room will help you to grow massive yields!

We’ve kindly put together an equipment checklist which covers everything you need for a highly efficient grow room.

Fabric Pots

If you’re using soil as your preferred growing medium, you’ll need something to place them in. These fabric pots provide amazing results as their porous walls help your soil to breathe and also help to prevent overwatering. You may also want to invest in a large tray to catch any run-off.



Grow Tent

Grow Tents provide the best growing environment when growing plants indoors. A good quality Grow Tent will help to protect your plants from any pests, reduce light loss and keep smells to a minimum.

If you’re after the perfect growing enclosure then you’ll love our Green Box range of Grow Tents. The Green Box Grow Tent makes growing plants a breeze as they only include the highest quality components, furthermore, as they are available in 32 different sizes, they can fit in any sized area. It doesn’t matter if you’re growing one or ten plants, the Green Box Grow Tent is durable, practical and offers great value for money as they can be used again and again.


Grow Lights

Choosing the right light is incredibly important, a reliable Grow Light will maximise your plant’s growth and encourage far better results. Likewise, they are extremely energy efficient and easy to set up too!

Alternatively, you can use HPS bulbs or Metal Halide bulbs, dual spectrum bulbs are the perfect choice for all stages of growth.

Heavy Duty Lumenlite Timer


Using a Timer will help to stimulate day/night cycles with your plants. Simply plug your light into the timer and it will turn your lights on and off automatically. Therefore you don’t have to do it manually. When choosing a timer, look for one that can handle high wattages and can be easily programmed to control cycles for extended periods of time.


Rotating / Oscillating Fans

Using a rotating fan will provide constant air circulation inside your tent. This will help to reduce issues such as mould and encourage your plants to grow stronger stems.



Inline Fans & Ducting

Inline fans help to improve the ventilation in your grow room. There should be at least 2 ventilation holes in your grow tent. One will be for a fan to pull the fresh air in. Whereas the other will be to expel the stale air. You can attach ducting to your inline fan to pass air through and into a filter.


Carbon Filter

Carbon Filters help to control nasty odours in your grow room and purify the air inside your tent. you’ll need to connect it to an inline fan and ducting.


A Thermo/Hygrometer measures both the temperature and the humidity inside the tent which is essential for ensuring you’re providing the perfect climate for plant growth.


pH Meter

It’s important to maintain a good pH level in both your water and soil, using a pH meter can help to do this. The ideal soil pH is between 6.0 and 7.0 while in hydroponics it’s between 5.5 and 6.5. Simply stick them into your soil or water solution and they will give you a quick reading.

Bud Trimming Machine

Using a bud trimmer machine will make it a lot easier to trim large yields. These essentially do that same job as pruners, but with less physical effort.

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