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Finding the right light recipe for your crops

To increase crop growth, there’s a very special formula you should use to fast-track growth for every crop. Looking into and optimizing your light recipe has shown to increase growth in specific varieties of plants. Along with also having a positive effect on the plants growth phases and cultivation stage.


So, what’s involved in the perfect light recipe:

  • Light level

The amount of light shed on a plant. You need to remember that some plants love high light levels, while others prefer much lower light levels. The light level is effectively the amount of light.

  • Spectrum

The spectrum is the range from ultraviolet to infra-red that influences plant growth. Plants are particularly sensitive to a mix of red and blue light.

  • Uniformity

Uniformity is how evenly the light is spread across all the crops. Keeping light uniform will ensure consistent plant growth.

  • Timing

A light recipe will specify when to turn the lighting on and off to get the best results – each plant will need light for different amounts of the day.


Our recommendation…

LED grow lights can really help you work towards better plant growth, depending on your crop you can achieve the following by using an LED lighting set up:

  • Higher yield
  • Shorter growth cycles
  • Energy savings
  • Higher germination

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