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A grow tent is an important piece of kit for any indoor gardener. Controlling the lighting, temperature, air circulation and humidity is perhaps the most important aspect of indoor growing and a grow tent allows you to do just that.

But what exactly can you grow in your grow tent? Well, there’s plenty to choose from. If you have space for a big grow tent, you can even build your own vegetable garden! Here’s a pick of some of our favourite veggies suited to indoor growing.


A small grow tent is ideal if you want to grow herbs all year-round such as basil, rosemary, mint, parsley and thyme. A small tent will provide an abundance of year-round light needed to yield more than just a pinch of rosemary or a few basil leaves. Herbs thrive under summer sun so these long periods of intense light allow the plants to produce the oils that give them their flavour so you can enjoy tastier herbs for longer.


Perhaps one of the more popular choices to grow at home, there’s a variety to choose from and in a grow tent they can be grown for a whole year without you having to worry about winter. The grow tent allows for proper ventilation which will discourage mould and fungus.


Due to their compact size and quick growth habit, beans are an easy veg to grow in a grow tent. Although they need less heat than some other types, beans need at least 6-8 hours of light a day, a grow tent will provide the perfect environment to produce beans all year-round, even through the winter.


Another easy veg to grow indoors, all you need to do is choose from red, green or chilli. Peppers need high levels of heat and light which makes a grow tent the ideal growing environment as temperature and light can be easily adjusted.


Cauli’s, and broccoli, can provide tremendous yields when grown indoors. They need a good air flow and lots of water so ensure your grow tent is set-up to provide the best environment possible.


Not just for summer salads. Lettuce can be enjoyed throughout winter too when grown indoors. There are plenty to choose from, however some are better suited to the indoors so look for loose-leaf varieties.


Growing your favourite fruit and veg all year-round is easy with a grow tent. They provide a perfect self-contained growing area because they are kitted out to allow for grow lights and filter kits to be hung whilst also providing a safe location away from active heat sources, cold drafts and any hungry pets.

Ready to grow but not sure which grow tent is best for you? Then check out our handy guide here.



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