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Grow Lights FAQs

In this FAQ page, we’ll answer some of the common questions we get asked about grow room lights.

Q. Why should I use grow room lights?

A. Grow light systems are used to supplement natural lighting and cultivate indoor plants all year-round. Indoor plants need help to photosynthesise and a grow light will help by providing the type of light they need to help produce a healthy yield.

Q. How do grow room lights work for plants?

A. Grow lights mimic outdoor conditions by providing specific ranges of spectrum, colour, and temperatures similar to the sun. These can be adjusted depending on the type of plant.

Q. When do I put my plants under grow lights?

A. If you don’t have a sunny space in your home, you can start your plants under a lighting system. You can also set seedlings off growing under lights, and plants which need more intense light will also benefit.

Q. Can you leave grow lights on 24 hours a day?

A. Plants need to go through a respiration period during the night which is important for growth. So it’s not recommended that they are left on for 24 hours straight. As a general rule, and depending on the type of plant, anywhere in the region of 8-18 hours of light is sufficient.

Q. How do you hang grow lights?

A. It’s important that you ensure your grow room lighting is kept at the correct height to avoid burning your plants. Consider light uniformity to ensure an even distribution of light, you can then plan for how many lights you need and ensure they are the correct distance from plants. Then you will need to determine how high to hang your lights based on your own growing environment.

Q. Do LED lights work for growing plants?

A. LED grow lights offer excellent energy efficiency, low heat, colour optimisation, and they can even prolong lamp lifespan. They deliver the right amount of light needed to improve growth.

Q. How do I choose a grow light?

A. This depends on what you’re growing and the size of your growing space. There are many affordable, efficient, and easy-to-use grow lights on the market. Read our guide on the different types of grow light here.

You may also like to read our guide on choosing the right wattage bulb for your grow tent

If you’re not sure which grow light is right for you, ask the experts. Our friendly team are here to offer advice and get you growing with the kit that’s just right for you.

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