Benefits Of LED Grow Lights

Over the last 50 years, growers have used High Pressure Sodium (HPS) bulbs to provide their indoor plants with the necessary light to grow. However, these types of bulbs have there draw back, such as excessive heat output, energy use and unreliable spectrum output from older bulbs.

Luckily now a days growers need not worry about these issues as a new type of grow light is available … the LED Grow Light.

LED grow lights have been designed to do away with the issue growers encountered when using HPS, instead providing users with a light that produces no heat, that minimises energy waste and maximises a plants ability to grow.

Below we create a quick list of all the benefits of LED grow lights and why you should consider swapping to one.

LED grow lights produce hardly any heat.

As LED grow lights don’t produce as much heat as the traditional HPS bulb, users have greater control over their growing areas temperature as well as their plants’ exposure to heat. This can be highly beneficial because if a growing areas temperature is over 26c, the plants health will be impacted. In additional, less heat in the growing area is also healthy for a growers wallet as extra pieces of equipment to cool down the growing area will not be needed.


LED grow lights save space.

Unlike HPS bulbs, LED grow lights don’t need to have a ballast or reflector to be able to run therefore they don’t take up as much space in a users growing area. This means they’re less cables and chances of pieces of equipment failing and impact the plants growth cycle.


LED grow lights save energy.

In the past, 40% of the cost of running an indoor garden would go onto lighting, meaning growers on a budget had less money to spend on nutrients and other valuable pieces of equipment. LED grow lighting consumes 50-70% less energy than HPS bulbs meaning they use less electric and save more money. In addition, less energy used means less impact on the environment.


So as a brief recap:

  • LED grow lights produce less heat than HPS bulbs
  • They also don’t need a ballast or reflector to run
  • The LED grow light uses 50-70% less energy than traditional HPS bulbs
  • They are cheaper to run
  • LED grow lights produce more healthy plants and ultimately better yields

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